Neste käynnistää ennennäkemättömän ympäristövaihdon: Yhdistää 10 koulua Suomessa ja maailmalla oppimaan ilmastonmuutoksesta



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50 million hit wonder – A Spoken word that touched deep

To make people realize the importance of renewable solutions in our society we wanted to launch the Pre-order the Future project with a big bang. A simple website would not have been enough! With the great thinker and visionary spoken word artist Prince Ea onboard as our Futurologist we decided to create a launch film...


18 03/2016

Future of Public Space lies in The Egg

After a tough battle between our three futuristic Pod designs the winner has been chosen. The Egg was both your favorite design and probably the most symbolic design for the Pre-order the Future project. We will continue the work to define the concept of a Renewable Connected Pod and how it all could come together...
07 03/2016

It’s time to move forward

People all over the world are beginning to realize that we can't sustain future life without drastic changes in the ways we use natural resources. The days of abundant fossil fuels are gone and Neste is ready to rise for the occasion.
14 06/2016

These reality-bending concepts guide the light to future learning

New groundbreaking technological innovations are being created all the time – there are probably many mind-blowingly brilliant ideas being demoed right now. Although we’re only halfway through 2016 it seems to become a year of the children – or should I say future adults. The first half of the year has brought major innovations that...
30 05/2016

4 things you should know about the future of technology

Last week we published an article about the greatest and craziest renewable ideas we have received from our followers. The article made many of you question if the ideas were really possible to execute or efficient enough to make a change in the world. It goes without saying that we appreciate every message we receive...
25 05/2016

Stop cramming, start learning! Top 5 ideas for the education of tomorrow

The trends of education are constantly changing. There are many ways to learn and the world is full of knowledge. New technologies can help by creating platforms for experimental learning to be used together with traditional methods. “In my opinion it is vital that we teach our children how to take care of our precious...
24 05/2016

A sneak peek –The future inside The Egg

The Egg was the winning design for the Renewable Connected Pod, beating the other designs by a mile – and no wonder. The shape of the Egg reflects life and continuity while the interior is filled with future gadgets and renewable innovation that drives us forward toward our dreams. Although the Renewable Connected Pod is...
13 05/2016

Top 5 innovations you didn’t believe could actually exist

Craziest innovation concepts from energy harvesting chairs to kinetic energy collectors on motorways. After launching the Pre-order the Future project less than three weeks ago we have received hundreds of extremely innovative ideas from all around the world. Here’s a little inspiration boost of the greatest and craziest ideas submitted by YOU. 1. My precious...
13 04/2016

Neste’s renewable diesel to power San Francisco’s city fleet